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January 8, 2011

The Time That Remains

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The new movie of Elia Suleiman, to come to an Arthouse theatre, hopefully, near you.

September 8, 2010

Monster Bubble

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March 3, 2010


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I’ve seen some chainreaction projects that were more balanced and sophisticated,
and that’s why I’m enjoying this one even more in it’s joy and boundless effects,
with sudden outbursts in visual beauty and ingenious gravity realisation.
A lot of words to say, I like it a lot.

November 21, 2009

Waitts for the Voice

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Beauty of a clip. Tom Waitts & Kool Keith. Animation by Fluorescent Hill.

November 17, 2009


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I’ve seen a lot of beautiful art, illustration, animation and other stuff lately, but this is by far
the most beautiful and touching I’ve seen.

October 31, 2009


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From Minivegas.

October 10, 2009

New Balls

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There are a lot of jugglers and there are always ones that renew the conception of it.

July 6, 2009

Siren Shivers

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Some music gives you sensations to your body. With me it happens
when hearing “Song to the Siren” performed by “This Mortal Coil“,
a song, original from Tim Buckley. Movement in my brain, shivers
in my back and my shinbones seem to move forward, without the rest
of my legs. An orgastic sensation.

On the floating, shapeless oceans
I did all my best to smile
til your singing eyes and fingers
drew me loving into your eyes.

And you sang “Sail to me, sail to me;
Let me enfold you.”

Here I am, here I am waiting to hold you.
Did I dream you dreamed about me?
Were you here when I was full sail?

Now my foolish boat is leaning, broken love lost on your rocks.
For you sang, “Touch me not, touch me not, come back tomorrow.”
Oh my heart, oh my heart shies from the sorrow.
I’m as puzzled as a newborn child.
I’m as riddled as the tide.
Should I stand amid the breakers?
Or shall I lie with death my bride?

Hear me sing: “Swim to me, swim to me, let me enfold you.”
“Here I am. Here I am, waiting to hold you.”

June 24, 2009


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March 25, 2009

Fairy Infographic Tale

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Little Red Riding Hood in Infographic.

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