Lightwater flat too

October 31, 2009


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From Minivegas.

October 27, 2009

Hello, You There

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I found this person on my computerscreen.
Icons for Blender, Opera, VLC-player and for
the USB-Boost of my external LaCie hard disk.

October 25, 2009

Wave of old wood

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Henrique Oliveira reuses wood and wood peeling to create stunning and surprising mural waves. And he does more.

October 24, 2009

Second Hand Caterpillar

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“Using old stuff, I caterpillared something new together.”

October 23, 2009


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October 22, 2009


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In a mailing I received about the IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam),
I saw one of the documentaries was called Google Baby. The subject as described gives me the shivers!
Following is the quote from the IMBd-site >
“Google Baby is a journey across three continents telling the story of the up and coming
baby production industry in the age of globalization. Doron, an Israeli entrepreneur with a
high tech background proposes a new service – Baby production. The baby producer (as he introduces himself)
provides customers with a cost effective solution using outsourcing of the surrogacy element to India
as way to lower prices. The preferred genetic material is selected by the clients and the rest is left
in the hands of the producer: Sperm and eggs are purchased on-line and multiple embryos are produced and
frozen. Packed in liquid nitrogen only the embryos that fit the customers preferences are shipped by air
to India – where they are implanted into the wombs of local surrogates. The customers arrive only at the end
of the nine month pregnancy period to pick up their babies. Today, technology has turned ‘making a baby’
into an act independent of sex. And globalization is making it affordable. Written by Anonymous”
Photo copied from the Toronto Film Festival site (3 more photo’s)

October 19, 2009


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October 12, 2009

There’s more than one light in the Darkness

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Work made by Rune Guneriussen

October 10, 2009

South Pole Farmer

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Can I order a cold salad?

New Balls

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There are a lot of jugglers and there are always ones that renew the conception of it.