Lightwater flat too

September 8, 2010

Monster Bubble

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3 Food Chains

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March 30, 2010

R-U-Mie or M-I-U???

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March 20, 2010

IF: Expire

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He expired with one last expire. The breath to death. No more chi, no more prana, no more being. Expired.


March 4, 2010


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March 3, 2010


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I’ve seen some chainreaction projects that were more balanced and sophisticated,
and that’s why I’m enjoying this one even more in it’s joy and boundless effects,
with sudden outbursts in visual beauty and ingenious gravity realisation.
A lot of words to say, I like it a lot.

March 2, 2010


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February 27, 2010

IF: Perspective

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I haven’t been active on Illustration Friday for a long time. Nevertheless I still get their newsletter
on the topic of that week. Today my intestants are giving me a rough time again however are not
robbing me of all my energy and that gave me a little perspective, added to the perspective after
a battle of a couple of years I recently encounter some real hope that finally healing may be nearby.
It’s a bug’s life from that perspective, but there’s music in it now.

January 1, 2010

The Noise Of The Lambs

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And ofcourse they’re the loudest during dinner time.

December 15, 2009


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Clearing out the desk my daughter no longer uses,
because moved out for study. Some of the props
I found invited me to create a face.

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